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Importance of Movies in our Lives
Published By lansky on 2011-11-26 8166 Views

All people loves to watch movies from time to time. Movies of various sorts like comedies, action, war, fiction, drama and documentary. By watching movies we get to relax from our daily activities.

Apart from those mentioned above, I believe movies allows us to experience a life that we may never really get to experience by placing ourselves on the shoes of the characters on the movie being watched.

If we are watching a movie showing a protagonist as a general during world war II, we in someway experience through the movie the life of that general and his actions and adventures, even his problems and emotions become part of us while we are watching the movie.

Real life story movies on the otherhand, allows us to witness the life of others which was experienced by them in real life at some point in time. We get to admire them on how they are able to solve and endure their real life challenges.

Science fiction is a different thing. It makes us imagine what would happen if things that are yet impossible today become possible in the future. Sci-fi movies is an attempt to predict the conditions of the future through a movie.

As for me, I love movies that project positive attitude in life and work. Movies should project what should we truly enjoy and that is a beautiful life that is full and love and caring for each other, such movies would in a way influence real life, thus such movies should be the one we should watch and make.

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